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Electrical Terminals and Applicators

Brainin’s world-class metal stamping capabilities have been applied to the production of custom electrical terminals and application assembly equipment. Our modern tool design and tool building capabilities support the manufacture of custom-designed spades, disconnects, rings and other termination parts for use in virtually any application that requires crimped wire attachment.

photo_reel-to-reel-terminalsThese parts are available in a wide range of materials including brass, bronze, beryllium copper, pure copper and various coated steels.

Brainin’s electrical terminal and applicator sizes range from 0.05 mm to over 2.50 mm thick.

Reel-to-reel terminals

Brainin’s reel-to-reel terminals are designed for high-speed automated assembly, and available for low- and high volume applications. Parts may be discrete terminals or hybrid designs that incorporate other functions such as electrical contacts or contact assemblies. Product is available with paper or foam channel interleaving for optimum protection.

photo_loose-piece-terminalsLoose piece terminals

Our loose piece terminals are designed for low- to high volume requirements. Whether intended for hand- or semi-automated assembly, Brainin terminals are characterized by consistency piece to piece, excellent Cpk values, and adaptability to a variety of dedicated applicators and other assembly equipment.

Crimped assemblies

Brainin offers automated, semi-automated and hand assembly of wire crimped components, with capability to handle the most demanding requirements. In addition, our China and Mexico facilities are well-suited to provide cost-effective, semi-automated and hand assembly services for end users around the world.

Assembly equipment

Brainin has electric drive standalone bench-top crimping presses and integrated applicators to fit most wire crimping machines, with terminal insertion automation to insert Brainin terminals into plastic or PC boards. Our specialized equipment with proven technology insures high productivity, consistent quality and smooth operation.